Hi, I'm Erica Lenti.

I’m an award-winning writer and editor from Toronto. I'm currently the editor of This Magazine.

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  • non-fiction
  • anything but fanfic

My writing has appeared in various Canadian publications, including The Walrus, Hazlitt, Toronto Life, Maisonneuve, Reader's Digest Canada, and This Magazine. Stories about gender, sexuality, and mental health are in my wheelhouse.

I previously worked as an editorial fellow at The Walrus and a front-page editor at The Huffington Post Canada. Before that, I served as the Spring 2015 editor of the Ryerson Review of Journalism, which received a first-place AEJMC award for Single Issue of an Ongoing Magazine (Editorial). I graduated from Ryerson University's School of Journalism in 2015. The following year, I received an honourable mention from the National Magazine Awards in the Best Short Feature category.

Some of my favourite pieces to write were: