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It's time to fix how we fight online, The Walrus
Social media was supposed to save democracy. So why do hatred and violence feel inseparable from online life?

Off The Chart, Xtra
"Off The Chart" is Xtra’s eight-part podcast devoted to the groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word—and the L.A. lesbians we can’t stop thinking about.

Rainbow Votes 2019, Xtra
In the lead-up to the 2019 Canadian federal election, I explore LGBTQ2 issues and policies in this weekly newsletter.

Inside GSAs, where kids learn to talk gay, Xtra
Nearly a decade ago, I started a Gay-Straight Alliance. I went back to high school to find out why they still matter

Why I won't tell my grandmother I'm gay, The Walrus
Sometimes staying in the closet is just as liberating as stepping out of it

The undoing of Ontario's sex ed, The Walrus
From school walkouts to government snitch lines: how Doug Ford’s curriculum reversal became a political flashpoint

All the lonely people, Pivot
Canadian workers are more isolated than ever. And a lonely workforce isn’t just a public health concern, it’s bad for business.

Young, pregnant, no fixed address, The Local
Lack of affordable housing can have devastating and long-lasting health effects for teenage parents and their children

A sex-ed program that erases queer and trans students will cost lives, The Globe and Mail
Exploring Ontario's sex-ed curriculum from an LGBTQ youth perspective

I believe in the evil eye—and you should, too, The Walrus
Why my family’s superstitious legacy is a salve for uncertain times

Walking targets, The Walrus
The Orlando shootings prove that, even after decades of gains, the LGBTQ community remains in danger

The genderless world of Jason Cole, Toronto Life
What’s it like to be a man who became a woman and now identifies as neither? The genderqueer revolution, from the inside out

Growing up Habbo, The Kernel
My so-called life in the first social network for teens

Who says religion and pornography don't mix?, Broadview
Online erotica is booming, and so are porn addictions. But mainline churches seem all too content to look away

The year in talking sex with my mom, Hazlitt
A gay daughter inviting her conservative mother to a porn convention has to be a conversation starter, right?

Ring leaders: Inside the League of Lady Wrestlers, Hazlitt
How a Yukon art project became a national phenomenon of sold-out shows, dream selves and subversive sexuality


OPPO's big queer foreign policy extravanganza!, OPPO, Canadaland

You don't have to come out to your whole family, says this gay writer, Tapestry, CBC Radio

Why I won't come out to my grandmother, This Happened to Me, CBC Radio

Dear Dad: In your silence, I found acceptance, Here and Now Toronto, CBC Radio

Working from home is bad for you, The Big Story Podcast

The closet in 2019, The Big Story Podcast

Going back to a sex-ed curriculum from 20 years ago would be dangerous, The Big Story Podcast

Talking queer media, Canadaland

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